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A Unique and Dynamic Community

We offer you and your family a great lifestyle surrounded by nature along with a rewarding professional environment

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L'avenir de la chirurgie dans notre petite communauté rurale

Quel est l'avenir du programme de chirurgie de notre petite communauté rurale du nord? C'est une question très importante pour notre organisation et pour notre population et à laquelle nous ... Read more

Nord-Aski Family Health Team Launching New Programs

The new Family Health Team is launching its first two programs.  The well baby and child program and the well women program will be launched on May 16th.  Great news ... Read more

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Screening Pilot Project – Hearst (ON)

Notre-Dame Hospital has been selected as one of only 6 sites across Ontario to participate in the Colon Cancer Prevention pilot project. The project at Notre-Dame hospital will focus specifically on ... Read more

Get our Latest Medical Job Opportunities!

Welcome.  Connect with us and get our latest news and latest medical job op... Read more

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I have worked as a locum surgeon in a few northern Ontario hospitals, including Notre-Dame Hospital in Hearst.Every time I have travelled to Hearst for a 1 or 2 weeks locum, I have been impressed as it must be one of the friendliest towns along the Trans-Canada Highway 11.As a general surgeon, I am assigned regular clinic time, as well as scheduled elective operating and endoscopy time. My responsabilities also include emergency room coverage that presented a variety of cases.The welcoming local physicians and nursing staff at Notre-Dame are helpful, resourceful and enthusiastic.This creates a work dynamic that's very productive and pleasant.As my scheduled locms in Hearst for this 2010 year draws to an end, I will make time in my full-time practice next year to travel back occasionally as this town has become a second home.
Dr Daniel Trottier, B.Sc., M.D., FRCSC
- General Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Endoscopy
Hôpital Montfort Hospital

"There are two aspects that make being a doctor in Hearst enjoyable. The first one is to have a diversity of challenges being available in a well organized rural community.The second one is the confidence and the gratitude from the community towards the work done by the physicians." - Dr. Denis Lacroix.

"My month in Hearst was a wonderful experience. Both the medical community and townspeople were extremely friendly and welcoming to me as a medical student. Interesting and exciting medicine is practices in Hearst, and I was thrilled to be able to play such an active role during my time there.I can't stress how much I enjoyed by time in Hearst.I'm still talking about it all the time..."- Sarah LeBlanc, Medical Student

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